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A while back I read an article in the Washington Post about the new domesticity among women But it only identified the lives of white women living in urban cities After that I read another article about how the sustainable food movement and bike to work movement often appeared white and for people of priveledge Later on a show called Girls made its debut on HBO and there was quite an uproar about class and race because there appeared to be so much left out from a show that was supposed to be a great series on the modern woman On the modern feminist It reminded me how left out I feel about most feminist work and things in pop culture geared towards women I want to be interested because media is telling me it s for me But then I realized how much it isn t and I wondered constantly about the seperation Because of this I went to Ain t I a Woman, a book I tried to read at 15 but needed nowthan ever The history of the feminist movement shared in this book is incredible The fact that it didn t want anything to do with black women made me think that we still have quite a long way to go To look at this body of work in today s light, you can t deny that still women white women and black black men How much are we still left out of the equation And for that question, I can only say how important this book is for all women over two decades later There is a sense among most reviewers that AIAW is a good but somewhat jumbled term paper But to find out that Ms hooks was an undergraduate when this was written gives one the understanding that this is the beginning of hooks in the movement This is an incredible work for someone who was not a professor or not yet an expert in this field And to understand that, it opens the doors for much of her later work and opens the doors for other black feminist writers and historians I took my time reading AIAW There was a sense that in some ways she was preaching to the choir but even the choir is shocked by this message I think her intention was not to rant, to call out, or shame but to teach To educate ALL women and men in the movement And for that I am extremely thankful for this book There s this idea that feminism is a radical thing but when approached in the right way, it s there to open your eyes to the long history of inequality A history that is often being repeated Feminism done right is there to radically change your mind about what your role is while walking through this life This book will make you rethink what it means to be a black woman. [Read E-pub] ♹ Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism ♈ A Groundbreaking Work Of Feminist History And Theory Analyzing The Complex Relations Between Various Forms Of Oppression Ain T I A Woman Examines The Impact Of Sexism On Black Women During Slavery, The Historic Devaluation Of Black Womanhood, Black Male Sexism, Racism Within The Recent Women S Movement, And Black Women S Involvement With Feminism A very informative book I cannot stress enough how important this book is a molotov cocktail into the cultural necropolis that is America bell hooks wields her pen like a sledgehammer, dismantling the pillars of a sexist, racist, and classist society She illustrates how these three insidious ideologies oppress and privilege us in myriad ways, poisoning the possibility for genuine human interaction community and dehumanizing us all Some reviewers have criticized the book for not having footnotes, or for certain historical inaccuracies or generalizations These minor missteps do not change the validity of the conclusions she draws, and, consequently, are just ivory tower quibbling Her clarion call ending, demanding a radical transformative force in American society to dismantle the institutions that merely perpetuate these oppressions restates Fanon s call for the New Man with a much better understanding of the pitfalls along the way If only Fanon would have realized that entrusting the revolution to patriarchs does not result in anyone being free, and instead merely reanimates the rotting cadaver of Europe a monstrous edifice made flesh. This was a great companion read to Audre Lorde s Sister Outsider Ain t I A Woman provides a comprehensive historical and social analysis of the ways black women have been marginalized by both white feminist movements and civil rights movements run by black men.hooks brings forward numerous examples of racist actions and statements by first and second wave feminists, such as white women suffragettes excluding black women from their organizations and conferences Most feminists have heard of Sojourner Truth s Ain t I a Woman speech that this book is named after, but most of us didn t hear about the white women at that convention who screamed, Don t let her speak Don t let her speak as Truth mounted the platform.The examples hooks brought forward made mefully understand why some black women see the label feminist as irredeemable, but hooks herself notes the ways in which black women experience sexist oppression alongside of and intersecting with race and class oppression She argues against separate feminist groups for women of different races, saying, All women should experience in racially mixed groups affirmation and support Racism is the barrier that prevents positive communication and it is not eliminated or challenged by separation It is a contradiction that white females have structured a women s liberation movement that is racist and excludes many non white women, hooks states, However, the existence of that contradiction should not lead any woman to ignore feminist issuesI choose to re appropriate the term feminism to focus on the fact that to be feminist in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression If anyone wants to understand why feminism needs to becomeintersectional this will help give the context and teach about the problems in our past I see this as an essential part of moving forward to a feminism that doesn t leave some women behind. Life changing, thought provoking, inspiring, and hard to put down basically everything you could want in a book A highly recommended read for people of all races, genders, colors, abilities, and creeds You will learn so much from this book and genuine curiosity and desire for knowledge for the sake of learning will lead you to seek outknowledge about the topics discussed therein and, eventually, you will be better for it Let this book teach you some things you might be afraid to know, let it enlighten you, let it expose you to a whole new world and shine the light on the existence past and present of a large group of underrepresented persons among you.bell hooks writing is highly readable and the concepts and anecdotes she presents are digestable, though at times she can be a little redundant Still, if emphasis in order to remember clearly what you read is what you need, you will get it here There are many times when you will find yourself wanting to remember that concept or remember that sentence and the way she said it in order to recall it later in discussion evidence of a great thinker and a likable writer. Une v ritable claque sur la construction des mythes et st r otypes entourant les femmes noires aux tats unis mais les faits pr sent s sont aussi vrais pour le reste du monde Un livre n cessaire qui d montre que le f minisme intersectionnel est la cl pour lutter contre toutes les in galit s. It wasn t until I read this book did I finally start understand as to what it s truly like to exist as a black woman in our society I had always been a passionate and convicted feminist, as far back as Jr High really After outgrowing the boybands of the late 90 early 00 s, I moved on to metal, punk rock and emo music Riot Grrrl and the principles that came with it with was just the next natural step, so I came of age within the realm of white feminism Bell Hooks put into words every feeling I ever had about myself that no song ever could It was like listening to a knowledgeable Aunt or big sister talk about her experiences Like I cried mid way through the book that s how powerful Ain t I a Woman is If you care about black women, feminism or even just humanity you need to read this book because it will change you, and if it doesn t well then you are an asshole. I am a little fledgling when it comes to intersectional feminism, so this was a great book for me to read It further explored and clarified certain arguments and points of view that I ve read listened about online It was published in 1987, so it s not completely up to date, but it is really an excellent book.bell hooks discusses black women and the sexism and racism they faced during slavery, and then continues discussing and exploring the sexism and racism that they face in contemporary times Particularly focusing on white women s feminism and how white feminism has historically excluded black women and women of colour from it.I d really recommend it Her writing is powerful, unapologetic, and important also lots of today s mainstream white feminists could do with reading this tbhhhh