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|Download E-pub á The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States  The Declaration Of Independence Was The Promise Of A Representative Government The Constitution Was The Fulfillment Of That PromiseOn July , , The Second Continental Congress Issued A Unanimous Declaration The Thirteen North American Colonies Would Be The Thirteen United States Of America, Free And Independent Of Great Britain Drafted By Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration Set Forth The Terms Of A New Form Of Government With The Following Words We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed With Certain Unalienable Rights, That Among These Are Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Framed InAnd In Effect Since March , The Constitution Of The United States Of America Fulfilled The Promise Of The Declaration By Establishing A Republican Form Of Government With Separate Executive, Legislative, And Judicial Branches The First Ten Amendments, Known As The Bill Of Rights, Became Part Of The Constitution On December ,Among The Rights Guaranteed By These Amendments Are Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of The Press, Freedom Of Religion, And The Right To Trial By Jury Written So That It Could Be Adapted To Endure For Years To Come, The Constitution Has Been Amended Only Seventeen Times SinceAnd Has Lasted Longer Than Any Other Written Form Of Government Pretty good, but it should include women in the sequel. What do I need to say Read them, understand them, and give thanks.Also let me recommend, treasure, protect, and pray we keep them, unbroken.Please. During South by Southwest 2003, I saw a movie called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised The movie is about President Chavez in Venezuela and the failed coup attempt on his presidency In the background coverage of his presidency, the filmmakers recounted how as President, he encouraged his citizens to read their brand new constitution and learn it They interviewed some Venezuelans who did not know to read, but had learned to read by reading their constitution return return I was touched by this, but then I thought how many Americans can say they ve read the Constitution My guess is probably not many And those that have only did it for school and have since forgotten much of what they learned Personally, I remember having to memorize the Bill of Rights for a class, but that s about it return return So I bought a copy of the Constitution for myself and began reading it return return In a time when Congress is passing legislation that infringes upon the rights guaranteed us by our Constitution, it s important nowthan ever that we read and understand it. It is nearly impossible to review such an important historical work In my opinion this is one of the most important documents in history.