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You re not supposed to love this book To do so would be to fall to the seduction of blind idolatry, and Farmer, the book s subject, even points out that this is not his goal the goal isn t to convincepeople to BE like Farmer, but rather to think like him, to believe in what he believes As a fiction reader writer who only sporadically dabbles in nonfiction, I find it hard to consolidate the opinions of the two types of readers in me the one who reads to learn the craft of writing, and the one who wants to be moved by new, eye opening reading experiences.Research aside, Kidder s writing style and his way of creating characters is simplistic He basically throws a million details, PIH er vocabulary, Farmer quotes, and anecdotes at you and essentially commands you to be convincingly immersed in their world And, if you don t actually feel immersed, because the words and details on the page are basically deliberately arrhythmic, Kidder and Farmer will give you the steady are you stupid stare you don t get it, do you, because you re not smart enough to get it, you will never be able to truly understand and get the inner workings of Farmer s mind and soul.Actually, Kidder addresses this in his book I think it s partly the reason for why he actually writes himself as a character into his book because Paul Farmer is so easy to deify, with his nerdily bemused made up vocabulary and quips, his grand visions, his inexplicable endless resource of energy, that we mere mortal readers need someone in the book with whom we can connect and empathize Kidder is not especially likable in the book he essentially takes on the role of Devil s advocate and asks Farmer all the questions that we readers are thinking but would never dare admit that we re thinking Can you really do what you envision How can you exist without a solid flow of monetary support Is it really worthwhile for you to use your time and money to help someone with just a 5% chance of living past age thirty Kidder places himself as the dumb normal man because that s how we re all feeling in the shadow of Farmer And this leads to one of the ongoing emotional contradictions we have regarding this book Farmer makes us feel guilty for not ourselves being a part of his cause, and then we feel angry that Farmer is making ourselves feel guilty by example, etc.The debate over the best way to portray Farmer and his work aside is a print book, with all its limitations and the conscious subconscious selectivity of language, the best medium through which to convey Farmer s beliefs and dreams , the book s message is one that grows on you, to ultimately become something you go back to, again and again It doesn t smack you over the head with itself for most of the book, I was still struggling between what it is that Farmer and Kidder were trying to make me feel, and to believe in the feasibility of Farmer s vision, not only as a reader believes in a book s world but as a frustrated individual believes in the vision s place in our real world There are many different things that many different readers can take away from MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS You could feel ridicule masking insecurity over Farmer s and PIH s actions You could take the book as an inspirational call to arms and then be stranded because you don t know how to make the best use of your arms You can say, that s nice, this is a nice biography about a nice, good man, and then move on to the next book in your TBR pile The book Farmer and Kidder also preempts any seemingly original emotional and intellectual responses to itself because it works all these different possible responses into its narrative The self awareness of this book is super annoying at times What I took away from this book, however, is this the world is a sucky place, and most of the suckiness is the result of our humans interferences with the natural state of things, by imposing structures and systems on everything and creating disparities As Farmer says, suffering is a human creation, and then we devise ways to ease that suffering, but only for the people who contributed to the creation of that suffering in the first place And it s really easy for us individuals to feel frustrated and helpless in the face of such systems that claim, but fail, to benefit humanity see the big mess that is the United States congressional system But rather than wrap ourselves in that helplessness and frustration, we should believe, first and foremost, in the power of the individual to help others, and then in the power of a collective of like minded individuals to enact even greater changes, essentially beating the system and establishing their own system that is based upon actual observation and experience at the individual level This is why Farmer continues to trek seven hours into the central plateau of Haiti in order to call on just one patient without that focus on the individual, PIH s system will become like every other system in history and the world that has failed in its missives, tangled up in bureaucracy and financial economy and the like Focusing on the individual is doable, and essential, and I can do it, and you can do it, and everyone can do it, and this dream that the world can be an inexplicably better place, however opaque the path there is. in my opinion our construction of heroes in this world leaves a lot to be desired and while paul farmer might indeed being doing incredible work with an incredible attitude perspective, i tired quickly of this book s idolation and unquestioning worship this is not how we will createheroes among ourselves and others this is precisely how people like dr king have been removed from the people and pedastalized to the detriment of our movements and our visions for change.get a grip tracy kidder and drop the holier than thou personifications. @Download Pdf ⚝ Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World ß This Powerful And Inspiring Book Shows How One Person Can Make A Difference, As Kidder Tells The True Story Of A Gifted Man Who Is In Love With The World And Has Set Out To Do All He Can To Cure ItTracy Kidder Is A Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize And The Author Of The Bestsellers The Soul Of A New Machine, House, Among Schoolchildren, And Home Town He Has Been Described By The Balti Sun As The Master Of The Non Fiction Narrative This Powerful And Inspiring New Book Shows How One Person Can Make A Difference, As Kidder Tells The True Story Of A Gifted Man Who Is In Love With The World And Has Set Out To Do All He Can To Cure ItAt The Center Of Mountains Beyond Mountains Stands Paul Farmer Doctor, Harvard Professor, Renowned Infectious Disease Specialist, Anthropologist, The Recipient Of A MacArthur Genius Grant, World Class Robin Hood, Farmer Was Brought Up In A Bus And On A Boat, And In Medical School Found His Life S Calling To Diagnose And Cure Infectious Diseases And To Bring The Lifesaving Tools Of Modern Medicine To Those Who Need Them Most This Magnificent Book Shows How Radical Change Can Be Fostered In Situations That Seem Insurmountable, And It Also Shows How A Meaningful Life Can Be Created, As Farmer Brilliant, Charismatic, Charming, Both A Leader In International Health And A Doctor Who Finds Time To Make House Calls In Boston And The Mountains Of Haiti Blasts Through Convention To Get Results Mountains Beyond Mountains Takes Us From Harvard To Haiti, Peru, Cuba, And Russia As Farmer Changes Minds And Practices Through His Dedication To The Philosophy That The Only Real Nation Is Humanity A Philosophy That Is Embodied In The Small Public Charity He Founded, Partners In Health He Enlists The Help Of The Gates Foundation, George Soros, The UN S World Health Organization, And Others In His Quest To Cure The World At The Heart Of This Book Is The Example Of A Life Based On Hope, And On An Understanding Of The Truth Of The Haitian Proverb Beyond Mountains There Are Mountains As You Solve One Problem, Another Problem Presents Itself, And So You Go On And Try To Solve That One Too Mountains Beyond Mountains Unfolds With The Force Of A Gathering Revelation, Says Annie Dillard, And Jonathan Harr Says, Farmer Wants To Change The World Certainly This Luminous And Powerful Book Will Change The Way You See It For anyone who yearns to make a difference but feels overwhelmed at where to start, this book will inspire you, maybe even shock you Doctor Paul Farmer decided at the age of 23 to devote his life to treating the poor He established a clinic in one of the most impoverished parts of Haiti called Zanmi Lasante Over the next twenty years, he treated not just the poor in Haiti, but expanded to treat the poor in Peru and prisoners in Russia, leading efforts to address impossible diseases like multi drug resistant TB and AIDS His attitude from the beginning has been the current way s not working I ll do it my way When he first encountered the corrupt and ill run Haitian clinics, he decided, I m going to build my own fucking hospital And there ll be none of that there, thank you At an international AIDS conference in South Africa where a banker commented that Africans must learn to curb their sexual appetites, Farmer responded, I want to talk about other bankers, not the World Bankers, but bankers in general My suspicion is they re not getting a lot of sex, because they spend a lot of time screwing the poor Farmer allows one to believe that one can follow one s heart AND be effective Of course, he hadthan ideals He also has a medical degree from Harvard and a level of commitment few of us can even imagine He still makes house calls to the poor in Haiti, trekking for hours up and down mountains He loves Lord of the Rings and maybe this is what inspires him But now, vivified in this book, he s a symbol to inspire others There s so much to take away from his story For me, it speaks largely to the power of purpose and a commitment to action in the name of that purpose Ignoring those who would question and discourage, the Are you sure that s a good idea questions and trust one s inner bidding We are all so well trained in being cynical, in doubting But if we want change, we have to bring something of our own to the table to believe in And start focusing our energy on that, not on the crap that already exists that we don t like Farmer has done that and it s really, really worked. I wish I had known Paul Farmer, the subject of this book s adoration, spoke at Columbia s commencement ceremony this past May At that time, I had never heard of him If I had known, I would have gone and been able to see first hand who he is Mountains Beyond Mountains is neither biography nor non fiction, but isa commentary on the author s time spent with Dr Paul Farmer It briefly browses through his life story very unusual upbringing, extremely well educated genius, quirky but charismatic personality It also browses through each of the projects Dr Farmer has been involved in TB and later AIDS in central Haiti, TB in Peru and Russia.Like too many quasi biographies I ve read, this one glorifies its subject while simultaneously de personifying him I have no idea what Dr Paul Farmer is really like, but now at least I can imagine that he s a heroic, driven, relentless, brilliant, caring, wonderful doctor and advocate for the poor around the world The author may want us to believe that Farmer is completely selfless, and perhaps he is, but I must admit that in his appearance, personality, and actions, the description of Farmer in this book reminded me most of Ayn Rand s perfect, ideal egoist hero I wish I could know what he is really like, because people like the man idolized by this book don t exist.Perhaps I should have read this by choice instead of because it was assigned Perhaps I should have read it before spending two months in Guatemala instead of after Perhaps I should have read it in a single afternoon which is perfectly feasible it s a decent read instead of spread over 10 days But I just couldn t get into it because I felt the whole time that I was being sold a vision that I don t share Whatever problems there may be with world wide health, a lotcould be accomplished by everyone doing a little than by one man driving himself beyond all reasonable limits.My overall view an interesting narrative of Dr Farmer and his ideas and work around the world, but not one that I d choose to read again for fun I lived on the Dominican Republic Haiti border for a few years as a child, so the initial description in this book of how Haiti is fucked doesn t come as a surprise I mean Just about everything that could possibly go wrong on the road to becoming a self sustaining country has just been ripped from them ASK ME MY FEELINGS ON THE LATEST COUP THERE AGH, AGH, OH MY GOD, AGH Haiti fucked CHECK The book then goes on to describe the life and training of Paul Farmer Paul Farmer, who managed to commute to the clinic he was running in rural Haiti while in medical school On an apparently weekly monthly VERY OFTEN basis As some one who is contemplating medical school I kind of hope to cook some of my own meals, while studying Perhaps I will play a game of soccer or two in the four years I spend hunched over textbooks, but my mind is completely blown by the idea of maintaining practical work in a foreign country while taking classes LET ALONE GETTING A PHD CONCURRENTLY I honestly can hardly wrap my head around it Paul Farmer the kind of great hearted genius we hold up as an example, but do not actually emulate CHECK I am coming to terms with the fact that this review is all about me, me, me This is the kind of work I want to do, this preferential option for the poor that Kidder details in this book This is absolutely what I want to do, but I reached the half way point in this book You know, the point at which this tiny three person single man funded non profit takes on multi drug resistant TB in Peru totally discouraged Evidently, it takes super human commitment, brains, understanding, courage, gumption and craziness to take on the worlds ills I can t be that person Honestly, I don t even want to be that person.That isn t what the book is saying, obviously, but that s absolutely what I was reading The book goes on to talk about the expansion of the crusade against MDR in Russian prisons, the expansion of the Haitian clinic now with operating theater and it was interesting, if ultimately discouraging Then I got to this line, where Paul Farmer is frustrated at some student email and says I m paraphrasing I m the model for what needs to be done, not for how to do it I am really not sure how I managed to miss that, three quarters of the way through the book, but the sigh of relief when I finally, finally figured it out was profound Of course this isn t the only way to do it It here being leveling the playing field of medicine, or caring for the poor, or being a decent human being in the world, or some combination thereof But it s important, and it needs to be done, and there s really no excuse for not being part of it Mountains Beyond Mountains Depressing, but wildly inspirational for a wanna be rural doctor CHECK.I finished this book sitting backstage for the dress rehearsal of the show I m in and I could hardly go on and talk about atomic energy It is a book exactly written for me, and this was the exact moment to read it. Mountains Beyond Mountains is a biography of Dr Paul Farmer, a Harvard educated physician who, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, set out to bring life saving, first world medical practices to the desperately poor in rural Haiti This book has almost become essential reading for those who have even the most cursory interest in fields often referred to as global health, social medicine, or public health.Paul Farmer is a unique doctor who seems genuinely called to a life of service to the poor He grew up in an unusual family and environment and is undoubtedly a brilliant man While an undergrad at Duke he first visited Haiti and this experience changed him profoundly During medical school at Harvard, he spent half his time working in a clinic on the island Later, he had the good fortune to meet a Boston millionaire who, over the course of a couple decades, has given nearly his whole savings to Farmer to use in Haiti and various other countries where Farmer s organization, Partners in Health PIH , sponsors community medical projects He was also surrounded by several close friends who have also dedicated their lives to Paul and his vision one of whom was Ophelia Dahl, daughter of British author Roald Dahl, who plays a fascinating part in the story I wish the book told usabout her.I think a reader can safely say that Farmer is a visionary He saw the shocking state of healthcare in rural Haiti and dreamed of raising the standard of care in that area Since then, he has devoted his life to building a sustainable healthcare network in the Cange and erradicating the area of infectious diseases long since cured in the first world Haitians hardly experience an equitable standard of care to what we have in the United States, and perhaps never will, but this hasn t stopped Farmer from trying For example, the most rampant infectious disease in the Cange was tuberculosis TB , which was expensive to treat because of a low supply of pricey first line drugs The drug companies didn t make many of these drugs because there was little to no demand for them by those who could afford to pay Farmer and PIH worked to convince the drug companies to increase the supply and drop the prices, while simultaneously convincing the World Health Organization WHO to purchase and distribute the supply and treat those in impoverished countries who were suffering from a treatable disease This was no easy task, but PIH proved to the world that it is possible to successfully provide the poor with quality medical care.The book is painfully long but, I think, ultimately worth the struggle I applaud the author, Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Kidder, for taking on such an enormous subject The book breaks down medical terminology and practice, while also tackling some pretty enormous political and social issues And as if that were not enough, Farmer himself is a larger than life character Half the time I can t tell if Kidder loves him or loathes him, and Kidder himself probably doesn t even know Farmer s life is inspiring because he has accomplished so much in very little time But at the same time, the man is no saint, despite the fact that people regularly call him such to his face He is absolutely infuriating He seems to have an answer to everything At one point, Kidder writes several pages about the language of PIH, which incorporates unique acronyms, words, and made up phrases Kidder explains that one could hang around the inner circle of PIH for a long time without understanding what the rules were and feeling excluded Kidder 217 Famer responds that If so, it s surely the most inclusive damn club in the world, being full of people with AIDS, WL s galore, tons of students, church ladies, lots of patients, and it s a club that grows and never shrinks 217 Sure, Farmer has a memorable response ready, but it s total bullshit If you weren t in PIH, you wouldn t know that WL s stands for white liberals, a group upon which he reluctantly relies for funding and regularly mocks Farmer preaches humility, but says things like Every account is partial except mine 252.What seems most tricky about Paul Farmer, however, is that his model for building PIH and creating large scale community health projects is not replicable, but he has become one of world s most sought after experts in global health What I mean is that, when starting PIH, Farmer happened to have a non restricted, ready supply of cash from a generous private donor, a truly rare situation for a non profit start up company with no established organizational structure When the money ran out, he stole medical supplies from Boston s most wealthy hospitals He literally stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in medications For a good cause Sure What this proves is that sometimes the people with power don t need a little push, but need to be shoved off a cliff, to make the world change But how can someone who built a medical treatment program around theft lecture others on building sustainable global health projects I m sure Farmer would have a memorable response to my complaint, something that made me feel like a real jerk and used some cryptic acronyms to make me feel excluded from his inner circle But these complexities are what make him so provocative and, thus, the subject of a biography worth reading. One person can make a difference Kidder finds another superb subject for examination Should be a great book for discussion Dr Farmer is not one dimensional, but he is almost mono maniacal in his dedication Kidder is not afraid to give us enough to consider whether the ends justify the means A well told story that, with luck, will inspire others to similar dedication. I am not really sure where to begin when it comes to this book Let us just say that Tracy Kidder writes a mean biography account of perhaps one of the most influential people of our Generation iPod big box stores time This book really encapsulates what I imagine Paul Farmer s credo is that is to say, fuck the idea of appropriate technology, sustainability and cost effectiveness this is human suffering that we are flapping our tongues aboutget real Sheer eloquence I knowI am sure that this appeals to many a PCV out there and particularly Health Volunteers because it advocates and condones what we feel every time we run into Djeneba who is sick with Sumaya or Traore Chekoroba who s got Amoebic dysentery,that wish I could ease your suffering feeling , part of it can very well be empathy, because I know a great deal of us have been in similar situations while in country But it always seems to me,empathy never gets us anywhere with out the proper training or funds to make a true difference in people s lives I imagine Dr Farmer would probably say that that feeling was half an accomplishment, the rest comes laterYet, Paul Farmer realizes the healing of suffering on what seems every scale, from the creation of health policy at the highest echelons of international bodies to the curing of the individual sick right in their very homes Reading this made me feel inspired and motivateddon t mean to gush too much though, people might start to think I am kissing both the author s and Paul Farmer s culo.Also I believe this book has given me the inclination to read others like it, whether it be novels with strong social commentary Graham Greene to papers that describe the tenets of liberation theology So if any of you rapscallions out there have any books to recommend, please shoot those suggestions my way Update this is another book that I read before I joined Goodreads I still own it and it s a treasure It s a Kindle special 1.99 today I m only mentioning it because sometimes people are looking for one of those great books that they ve missed.at a great price to boot this is one of them EXCELLENT. read it along time ago it inspired me